Introducing Life is Beautiful by UNE PIECE


Welcome to Life is Beautiful by UNE PIECE.

Here at UNE PIECE we believe that Life is Beautiful, and we want to share that ethos with you through our brand new journal.

When launching UNE PIECE, we wanted to create something more than just a swimwear brand. We wanted to create something that made a difference, that celebrates women and their passions, and that captures the beauty of life by the water.

Our idea of a life well-lived includes a balanced lifestyle and encompasses a love of travel, great food and wine, celebration, and spending time with family and friends in the sunshine.

The journal is still in its early stages - we’ll have more articles up soon. In the meantime, feel free to have a look around, learn a bit more about us and the story behind the brand, read about some of our amazing #unepiecewomen, and maybe even pick up an UNE PIECE for yourself! (I can't wait to get to the beach in my Botanical Floral Twist Sexie Rashie this Summer!)

Stay tuned - there’s so much more to look forward to.

With love,

Carly and the UNE PIECE team.