Introducing Perry Mooney

We headed to the beach with the gorgeous Perry Mooney to shoot her in our iconic Original Sexie Rashie. The talented photographer Sharleen Christie captured Perry in a range of colours including striking Wategos Blue. We also chatted to her about her role in the 2018 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony (wearing an UNE PIECE, no less), daily routines, and her hopes for the future. Read our Q&A with her below.


Where do you live?

Brisbane, QLD.


What do you do for a living?

Work in administration for a performing arts organisation in Brisbane.


What is your dream job?

Acting/Modelling full time.


How did you get involved with the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony?

I was asked by someone I know if I’d be interested in doing an audition for the short film. It was my first real audition so I was a bit nervous. I texted a friend of mine who’s an actor and he told me to go for it and trust the nerves. I went in there and gave it my best and was offered the part later that same day.


What was the reaction like from family and friends seeing you in the Opening Ceremony?


Ha! I was the one to scream first and then shortly after everyone else in the house started screaming and singing out too. I even had people from high school, who I hadn’t spoken to for years, ask me if I was in the opening. It was surreal and nerve-wracking but I was over the moon about it.  


How did you feel knowing that you’d be broadcasted worldwide?

Small. I heard that there was estimated about 1.5 billion people watching that night. That’s a lot of eyes looking at your work, it still doesn’t feel real. I’m keen to get out there and do more work though.


What are the five things that you can’t live without?

  • Coconut Oil

  • The sun

  • Water

  • Having the last word in an argument

  • Sweet chilli sauce

Perry17_0599_SharleenChristie .jpg

What is the best piece of life advice you’ve ever received?

You’ve got two ears and one mouth. You should talk less and listen more, especially to your elders.


What makes life beautiful, to you?

Going for a walk really early in the morning. Sleeping early in the afternoon. Swimming in the ocean.


Photography: Sharleen Christie

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