An Interview with Travelshoot Founder Sarah Pearce

Recording and sharing memories is an integral part of our lives. Sarah Pearce, co-founder of Travelshoot, knows the importance of being able to capture all those memorable moments - especially when on holiday. Imagine being able to walk away with stunning professional photographs of your next holiday to share with family and friends rather than some shaky smartphone shots? Luckily, Travelshoot allows you to do just that by connecting travellers with a global network of talented photographers. We interviewed Sarah about everything from entrepreneur life to travel and daily routines.


Tell us about your business.

Travelshoot connects travellers with local and professional photographers across the globe. We feel travel memories deserve more, and offer local photoshoots in over 100 cities around the world.


What inspired you to start Travelshoot?

My husband and I had our own photoshoot in New York years ago, and the photos put all of our typical travel selfies and tourist snaps to shame!


Who inspires you?

Professionally I look up to founders like Emma Isaacs and Lorraine Murphy who’ve created business empires by being genuinely themselves, working hard and just being nice to people.


What is your dream job?

I’m relishing the Travelshoot journey right now and am pretty lucky to have built a great team to work with. Outside of Travelshoot, I do love my role as mum to my daughter London.


What’s your advice for an aspiring entrepreneur or business owner?

Invest the time into validating your concept before you spend a dollar. Speak to your target customer and do buckets of homework.


Any life mantras or favourite quotes?

-       Kind words cost nothing.

-       Don’t sweat the small stuff when you’re so fortunate to even have big stuff.

-       Favorite quote of mine is “don’t compare your hustle to their highlight reel" by Sophia Amoruso.

Image courtesy of Travelshoot

Image courtesy of Travelshoot

What makes you feel empowered?

Being on top of things and feeling in control. When life sometimes gets too busy or out of sync, I lose the sense of feeling empowered and positive.


What is the toughest lesson you’ve had to learn?

Saying no more. Owning a business, and becoming a new mother in the last year has made me at times feel like an awful friend. I haven’t had the time to be as social or be as supportive to a lot of friends, so this has been a lesson I’ve realised is one of the compromises of owning your own business and being a mum – something has to give, and sometimes it’s not want you’d like to give up.


What is the best piece of life advice you’ve ever received?

My husband is the most positive person I know, so when things get a little tough or manic, he always reminds me how fortunate and lucky we are to have our health and family.


What is the one piece of advice that you would give others looking to succeed in their chosen field?

Don’t not start something because of the fear of failure, the reality of living with regret is sometimes much worse.


Describe your usual daily routine.

Midweek it’s pretty standard – up around 5-6am with my daughter London, have breakfast with her and my first coffee for the day, and then I usually start work between 7-9am depending on the babysitting coverage I have for her. We have staff and major clients both in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, so the week is spent between both locations. I try to be home and back into mum mode by around 5-6pm where I do dinner and bathtime with her before bed at 7pm. After 7pm is my ‘zen’ off time. Usually dinner (which occasionally is Uber Eats I must admit) and then some laptop time in front of the TV. Weekends are all about spending time with my husband and London, we love a weekend breakfast out and trying new locations.


What are the five things that you can’t live without?

1. Family + friends

2. Travel – weekends in Byron and international adventures

3. Coffee

4. Matte black everything (shoes, clothes, hats, bags)

5. Downtime with girlfriends and cheesy reality TV


What are your favourite three local getaway destinations?

Byron Bay (we got married at the Beach Café – so love heading their for breakfast!)

Palm Beach or Burleigh on the Gold Coast.

Melbourne – love strolling the streets of South Melbourne or South Yarra


What are your favourite three international travel destinations?

Paris, London and Bali.


Describe your ideal weekend by the water.

A Byron Bay weekend getaway with nothing planned and no agenda.


How will you celebrate Christmas this year and how will you dress your table?

I’ll be 8 months pregnant this Christmas, so it will be very low key! Christmas will be at home, and I’ve taken the liberty of being responsible for very little this year aside from planning some fun activities for my daughter. It’s a pretty small family affair, so nothing too elaborate!


What makes life beautiful, to you?

Family and friends (and then chocolate and wine).


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Sarah Pearce is the Australian founder of Travelshoot. After winning a national Shark Tank competition courtesy of Channel 10 and Optus in 2015, Travelshoot has grown global momentum and the business now connects travelers with local photographers in over 100 global citites. With a Communications Degree and 10 years in the IT industry career as her foundation, Sarah has grown a powerful local team of travel tech enthusiasts to fuel the Travelshoot vision. Brisbane based and a new mother, Sarah is proud mother to her 1 year old daughter London and is expecting her second child in early 2018.

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