Get Glowing Summer Skin With Glorious Wellness

At UNE PIECE we believe that beauty starts from the inside out. While we embrace living life in the sunshine, making sure that we take extra care of our skin is a top priority. We asked one of our amazing #unepiecewomen, health coach Rebecca Hirst of Glorious Wellness, to share a few of her tried-and-true skincare tips. Read on to see how she keeps her skin in top condition all year round.


Way before de-cluttering became a thing, I’ve been a big fan of less is more. Too much stuff freaks me out. It makes me feel overwhelmed. So I happily pare things right back. Never more so than when it comes to skincare. I keep it as simple as possible. After 2 decades of adult acne and multiple doses of roaccutane, I finally healed my skin through nutrition and lifestyle changes -which led me to retrain, leave my crazy big corporate job, and launch Glorious Wellness.


When we travelled to Dubai where the desert sun is fierce and temperatures hit 40 degrees Celsius most days, my summer skincare regime was tested to the max. Here are 3 ways to help your skin stay glowing and glorious this summer.


Think About What You Put Into Your Skin

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Enough said. 
  • Eat lots of colourful, crunchy veg and salad. Plus a couple of pieces of fresh fruit each day. Cucumber and watermelon are good to help boost hydration.
  • Get some good fats from avocado, olive oil, nuts and seeds.


Put Less Stuff on Your Skin

I’m a big fan of simplifying skincare routines so that your skin can take a break and just do its thing. It’s the biggest organ in your body and what you put on it DOES impact it. Here are a few things I couldn’t do without:

  • Natural deodorant: [I won’t ever go back to chemical-laden synthetic sticky deodorants after using a natural one this summer]. Find out why here.
  • Mineral sun cream: My skin’s not a major fan of sun cream after the acne treatment, as it now reacts to many of them. I’ve found that a mineral based one is much less likely to trigger any sensitivity.
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose Beauty Balm: A total multi-tasker that smells divine. I use it as mask, cleanser, for facial massage, on unruly brows, cuticles, lip balm. The list goes on.
  • A tube of organic aloe vera gel for body moisturising and slapping on as an after sun.


Cover Up In Style

My skin is pale and barely tans, so in the intense Dubai heat, I relied on:

  • My UNE PIECE in beautiful Wategos Blue.
  • A hat with the biggest brim I could find.
  • Lounging in the shade with a book until 3pm then coming out to play*. I love that time of day when the sun starts to soften, the sting has gone out of it and it feels glorious.

*Except the day we went to the massive waterpark to scare ourselves silly on vertical drop water slides. That was fun. And a long-sleeved #originalsexierashie was a skin-saver that day.


Be glorious. Stay well.

Rebecca x

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