The Journey of an UNE PIECE Print

Something very special is coming. Our upcoming Spring/Summer ‘19 Collection is almost about to launch and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on here at UNE PIECE HQ. Featuring classic new styles and stunning new prints, our SS19 collection is something we’re so excited about! If you’ve ever wanted a sneak peek at the design process, here’s a look at the journey of an UNE PIECE print.

Introducing Midnight Botanical

All prints are bespoke to UNE PIECE and hand illustrated by the talented Heather Hawkins of Hawk Creative. We previously collaborated with Heather on prints for our Cap d’Ail Collection and we were absolutely thrilled to work with Heather again on our upcoming SS19 collection.


Step 1. Sourcing Beautiful Botanicals

The first step in designing our new Midnight Botanical print involved a trip to the local flower markets. It’s the perfect place for finding inspiration and sourcing our favourite blooms.

Step 2. Slow and Detailed Hand Illustration

We then let Heather work her magic in creating the perfect hand illustrated blooms for our new print. This is one of the most exciting parts of the journey as we are always blown away by the quality of Heather’s stunning illustrations. Our Midnight Botanical print is in keeping with Heather’s signature realistic style - it’s a combination of a botanical illustration with the softness of the watercolour technique.

Step 3. Careful and Considered Placement of Each Botanical

After we’ve selected the perfect Botanical illustrations, we start experimenting with size and placement to see how they’ll translate onto the luxe Italian fabric that our swimsuits are crafted from. This is the final creative step before our new print goes into production.

And voila! Our very own bespoke UNE PIECE print. Coming soon - stay tuned to see these illustrations come to life.


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