The Art Series: Designing our Botanical Floral Print With Heather Hawkins

In this instalment of ‘The Art Series’ by UNE PIECE, we feature the incredible illustrator Heather Hawkins of Hawk Creative. We collaborated with Heather on the prints for our Cap d'Ail Collection and we could not be more thrilled with the hand-illustrated prints that adorn our latest collection. For a taste of the creative process, go behind the scenes with UNE PIECE Founder Carly Brown and illustrator Heather Hawkins, and see how our beautiful hand-illustrated Botanical Floral print was created.


How We Designed our Botanical Floral Print

1. Finding Inspiration

Inspiration can be found everywhere! Our UNE PIECE prints are inspired by time spent travelling in Europe - think the beaches and lifestyle of destinations such as the South of France, coastal Italy, islands in Spain, and the Greek Islands.

2. Selecting the Perfect Blooms

Flowers have the ability to convey so many different feelings and emotions. The creative process behind designing the print involved Heather researching flowers that would really bring our vision for the Cap d’Ail Collection to life. The final botanicals that we chose for the print were Heliconias, Ferns, Lilies, and Cattleya Orchids.

3. Choosing the Final Details

From there we looked at different angles, colours, and shading to find the exact right mixture of botanicals. The final placement, colour, and scale of the botanicals in the print is one of the most intricate parts of the whole process so it was really important to get this right!

Discover the stunning hand-illustrated Botanical Floral print on three gorgeous UNE PIECE styles - the Original Sexie Rashie, Twist Sexie Rashie, and Twist Halter


Standby for the next behind-the-scenes look at our new season prints, coming soon!


Photography by Markus Ravik