The Secret to Getting Remarkably Organised with Lorraine Murphy

Lorraine Murphy is on a mission to inspire and help you achieve success. After founding and growing the successful The Remarkables Group, Lorraine left to pursue her 'soul-on-fire' work of speaking, mentoring, and running trainings for organisations. 

We recently interviewed the award winning entrepreneur and best-selling author about her new book, Get Remarkably Organised. Lorraine shares with us her top 5 tips for getting organised, as well as the lessons she's learnt throughout her career and what she hopes readers will take away from her new book.


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Your new book is called Get Remarkably Organised - what are your top 5 tips for getting organised?

  1. Take time to plan your week – tonnes of data shows that planning a task actually halves the amount of time taken to execute that task.

  2. Watch your self talk – many of us spend our entire day telling ourselves that we’re hopelessly disorganised, and that’s exactly the reality we create.

  3. Clearly prioritise your to do list – I’ve created my own template, which thousands of people are using. It’s available as a free download on my website

  4. Nix procrastination – this is the number one block to productivity. Break a task down into chunks, self-incentivise yourself to get started and do just one thing each day to move the task forward.

  5. Limit distractions – switch of ALL notifications and put your phone on silent when you need to GSD (get shit done).


How did you juggle your career and motherhood with writing a new book? 

I refuse to juggle. Juggling is impossible for the 99.9% of us who don’t have circus skills, and in trying to juggle we’re immediately setting ourselves up for failure.  Instead I choose to blend my business, writing and our family. Pretty much all of my second book was written during Lexi’s morning naps; I’ve learned that naptime can be a goldmine of productivity as it’s such a limited window of time!


What do you hope readers take away from your new book? 

Ideally, some ideas to build their own infrastructure for success – one that will see them leading calmer, more in control and more peaceful lives.



What is the best piece of life advice you’ve ever received?

Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness (an Oprah saying).


What is the toughest lesson you’ve had to learn and how do you deal with overcoming adversity in life and in business?

That a seemingly insurmountable defeat is often just putting us on the path we’re meant to be on.  I was made redundant from my first role in Sydney, and I felt my world had caved in.  I found another role in a bigger agency, and without that move I wouldn’t have had the idea to start my first business.


What is the one piece of advice that you would give others looking to succeed in their chosen field?

Back yourself – as you can’t expect anyone else to back you if you don’t back yourself first.


Who inspires you?

Our little girl Lexi.


What are the five things that you can’t live without? 

Great healthy food, quality sleep, my journal, dry shampoo, books.


What makes life beautiful, to you?

The potentiality of it all.


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