The Muse: Lisa Messenger

Lisa Messenger is one of our biggest inspirations here at UNE PIECE. Having owned various businesses since 2000 – Lisa owns Collective Hub (print, digital and events) – she is also an author, speaker and investor. We recently chatted to Lisa about what inspired her to write her new book, Work From Wherever, as well as getting the lowdown on all of her favourite places to travel and work from, and what exciting things we can expect from her in the future.


The Muse: Lisa Messenger

Serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, investor, and one of our biggest inspirations.

Who or what inspires you? Our community and anyone who is ever courageous enough to truly step into who they want to be and what they want to do in life.

What is your Life Mantra? Anything is possible.

What is the best piece of life advice you’ve ever received? Fail fast. Fail often. Learn from your mistakes.


What are the three things that you can’t live without? My cavoodle - Benny. My iphone. My yoga mat. (And I guess I should add in the love of my life …)

Describe your average work day. Haha there is no such thing. Whilst our overarching mission is simple “to ignite human potential” I do such a lot. I could be shooting a cover for Collective Hub magazine, working on my next book, doing a speaking gig in Tokyo (next week), skiing in NZ (last week), working on a new start up (right now) or a myriad of other things. It’s a good blend of work and play.

Do you have a set morning routine? Well I never really start “work” before 10am and by that I mean “reactive” work. I try to keep my mornings “proactive” to set me up for a strong day. So that consists of getting up somewhere between 5:59am and 7:30am. Having a green smoothie and an iced latte. Taking my dog Benny for a big walk whilst educating myself and listening to a podcast, doing some writing. I’ve just recently moved back to Bondi and I generally now do my hardcore exercise between 2–4pm in the afternoon when the gym is not busy. So mornings are for fresh air and education.

What is the toughest lesson you’ve had to learn and how do you deal with overcoming adversity in life and in business? I have had a zillion tough lessons – every day in fact. When you play a big game things come at you thicker and faster than ever. Many beyond our control. All that we can control is how we react to them. So mindset and resilience are everything to me. Suggest people read Risk & Resilience which I published last year (2018). Its 208 pages of pure grit.

What can we expect next from you and what are you excited about for the future? After 18 years in business and having a bricks and mortar office, I’m taking a little time out for me – to reinvent, reimagine, reinvigorate.  So let’s see – big things of course. But for a while I’m just enjoying life a little more than the constant hustle and grind.


You recently launched Work From Wherever. What inspired you to write this book? After almost 17 years in a bricks and mortar office I decided to do an experiment for a year and decentralize my whole team and make work about productivity rather than time in the office. It’s worked a treat. Everyone’s productivity and happiness is through the roof. Of course there are downsides to this lifestyle and discipline, routines and rituals are paramount to be at your optimum.

In a few short sentences, can you share with us what you hope readers can gain from your book? It’s for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs like me and intrapreneurs – those working for someone else. It teaches you all about how to truly have a flexible working lifestyle that works for you. It is a totally reimagined way of working. There is so much talk about “the future of work”. I’m all about “the now of work”. It’s time that things changed.  

What do you love most about ‘working from wherever’? Flexibility. Lifestyle. Productivity. Travelling all over the world whilst running several multi-million dollar businesses.

What is the one piece of advice that you would give others looking to embark on their journey as a digital nomad? Whilst it sounds like the idealistic lifestyle (and absolutely can be), you MUST have the discipline, rituals and routines to be able to pull it off. You need to be self motivated and be able to work autonomously. 


“Anything is possible”

- Lisa’s Life Mantra

 What are your favourite places in the world to go on holiday (or work from) and why? In the last year alone I’ve done Bali, London, Copenhagen, Courchevel (France), Geneva, Queenstown (NZ) and next year I’m off to Tokyo for a speaking gig for Hewlett Packard. I spend a lot of time in Byron Bay.

So from that list – I always love Bali to recharge and get inspired. And I’m an avid property renovator/stylist so it’s GREAT for that part of my life. 

In London we stayed at Shoreditch House and then travelled out to Oxford and stayed at Soho Farmhouse. The Soho Group are some of my fave properties on the planet to stay at when working/playing.

Courchevel was incredible – a second skiing trip last year and it’s probably one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been – think lodges ON the snow with big open fires – lots of skiing and lots of reading / writing.

Copenhagen has got to be one of my fave cities – inspiration and creativity everywhere.

And I love Queenstown for skiing – just a quick hop across the ditch and you’re on fabulous slopes.

What do you think of the UNE PIECE brand and its vision to empower and build confidence in women? I love the brand. It’s super comfy and stylish and my go to for my active beachy lifestyle. Anyone that empowers confidence in women I am an instant fan of.

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